Tornado Watch or Warning


  • Tornado Watch: Conditions are favorable for a tornado or severe weather. Make staff aware, but take no action.
  • Tornado Warning: Tornado has been sighted; take shelter immediately.

Steps of Action:

  1. Siren at ABAC should sound.
  2. Each office will have the weather radio on. Have it programmed for local area.
  3. Departments will be alerted of a tornado watch and warning by telephone from Facilities Management and Operations or the Assistant Dean's Office.
  4. If warning is issued, activate phone tree to all buildings and alert personnel to get to designated areas.
  5. Employees should proceed to their designated positions facing the wall and assume a kneeling position (or sit cross-legged), head down, hands covering head.
  6. Employees in unsafe locations at the time of the alarm will go to a pre-designated safe location.
  7. Keep windows closed.
  8. Remain in a safe location until the danger has passed.