Hazardous Materials Incident


Hazardous materials incidents involve fire/explosions, chemical spills, chemical leaks or releases from a fume hood.

Steps of Action:

  1. Call 911, if emergency. Call Assistant Dean's Office at 386-3338. Call Facilities Management and Operations at 386-3337 (If after hours, call (229) 445-0386 or (229) 445-0110. USDA-ARS employees should contact Tom Hendricks, Location Safety Officer at 387-2392.
  2. Evacuate the building.
  3. Provide MSDS (Material Safety Distribution Sheets) or similar information.
  4. Provide first aid kits, if necessary.
  5. Contain spill where appropriate.
  6. Act as liaison with emergency organizations.
  7. Coordinate communication within departments.
  8. Assist in traffic control into and out of affected areas.

Reporting Information:

Name of material spilled
Amount of material
Exact location
Injuries or damage

Resource Material: