Tifton Campus Staff

Katherine Lynn Anderson Research Parapro/professional
Jesus Bautista Research Technician II
Jessica L Bell Research Professional I
Melissa Brannon Research Technician III
Robert Edward Brooke Research Professional I
Mason Chandler Bryant Farm Equipment Mechanic/Operator
Valerie Bryant Administrative Specialist
Bilal Bush Application Programmer Spec
Andy Carter Research Station Superintendent
Bo Carver CAES Property Control Coordinator
Dana Cheek Research Technician II
Ye Chu Research Professional IV
D. Machelle Clements Administrative Associate I
Jonathan Clements Southwest District Business Manager
David Conger Research Professional I
Max Cook Farm Equipment Mechanic/Operator
Michelle Cooper IT Professional Specialist
Lesa Cox Administrative Associate I
Mitchell Crawford Temporary Service / Maint
Chris Cromer Research Professional I
Mike D. Crumley Agricultural Research Assistant I
Dewayne Dales Farm Manager at Ponder Farm-Senior Agricultural Specialist
Mason Dean Program Coordinator II
Yolanda Dennard Building Services Worker I
Pamela F Dotson Research Technician III
Dustin G Dunn Research Professional I
Ronald M Elizondo Temporary Technical / Parapro
Brandon Michael Ellis Network Administrator Specialist
Jeannie Evans Administrative Associate I
Robert Jared Evans Animal Facilities Supervisor
Eric Evans Farm Manager at Bowen Farm - Senior Agricultural Specialist
Jodi D Figgatt Administrative Associate I
Taylor Fleming Research Parapro/professional
Ricky Fletcher Senior Agricultural Specialist
Skyler Lee Folds Administrative Assistant II
Shedrick Gaskins Building Services Supervisor
Michael L. Gibbs Electronics Technician III
Ronald D. Gitaitis Professor Emeritus: Bacterial Diseases of Vegetables
Ashley A Golden Office / Clerical Assistant
Eric R. Goodwin Farm Supervisor III
John David Griffin Research Technician III
Kevin Griffin Facilities Coordinator
Kaylyn Groce Extension Cotton and Peanut Sustainability Educator
Yinping Guo Research Professional II
Carrie Hall Administrative Associate I
Gail Hargett Senior Event Coordinator
Michael T. Heath Research Professional I
Cindy B. Hester Administrative Associate I
Kent Hill Research Professional I
Rodney W. Hill Senior Agriculture Specialist
Charlie R. Hilton Agricultural Research Assistant III
Sarah C T Hobby Research Professional I
Grace Holmes Healthier Together Educator
Mike H. Hudson Agricultural Research Assistant III
Teri Hughes Administrative Specialist I
Ronnie Kailing Electrical Distribution Insp
Hua Kang Research Professional
Michael Andrew Keeler Farm Manager at Irwinville Bull Test Center - Senior Agricultural Specialist
Pawan Kumar Post Doctoral Associate
Stevan S. LaHue Senior Agricultural Specialist
Chris Luke Skilled Trades Worker
Xuelin Luo Research Professional IV
Josie Mccully Research Technician III
Simeon P. McKeown Agricultural Research Assistant III
Steven Gordon McLeod Research Technician II
Hayley Milner Research Parapro/professional
Aaron Moore Research Professional III
Katie Murray Admissions Counselor II
Shauni Nichols Research Technician Iii
Grace Nyhuis Program Coordinator III
Kevin Oneal Building Services Worker I
Anna Orfanou Research Technician III
John Paulk Precision Ag Shop Manager
Dimitrios Pavlou Research Technician III
William T Pearce Research Technician III
Russell Hardy Price Agriculture/ Forestry Technica
Michael Purvis Research Professional I
Timothy Richards Research Professional I
Phyllis Richardson Building Services Worker I
Michela Rineair Administrative Associate I
Debra M. Rutland Administrative Associate I
Kurt Seigler Supt Plant Op & Engineer
Glenna Sessoms Facility Operations Para/pro
Lola Sexton Research Professional I
Edna Shannon Agriculture/ Forestry Technica
April Skipper Research Professional I
Thomas Smith Food Services Worker I
Tammy Lynn Stackhouse Research Parapro/professional
Olivia Strawter Building Services Worker I
Dana Sumner Administrative Associate I
Jenny Sutton SWD Program Specialist
Sarah Jean Swain Communications Coordinator
Shane Tawzer Farm Manager at Alapaha Blueberry Farm - Senior Agricultural Specialist
Melissa A. Tawzer Laboratory Technician III
Gregory Thomas Agricultural Research Assistant II
Gregory Thomas Agricultural Rsch Asst II
Samantha Thompson Administrative Associate I
Cindy Tucker Web Developer Principal
Michael Andrew Tucker Agricultural Research Engineer III
Colleen Udell Herdskeeper III
Sumyya Waliullah Research Professional
Chad Walker Research Technician III
Ivan Waller Facilities Manager II
Hui Wang Postdoctoral Associate
Amanda L. Webb Ag Research Assistant I
Gary Whiddon HVAC/Refrigeration Mechanic
Jeff Wiggins Facilities Coordinator
Sephus Willis Farm Manager at Gibbs Farm - Agricultural Research Assistant III
James Wilson Facilities Manager II
Tina H. Wood Administrative Associate I
Renae Woods Administrative Associate I
Tracey Vellidis Media Development & Design