Crop & Soil Sciences

The UGA Tifton campus is home to at least 16 extension, research and teaching faculty in the Crop and Soil Sciences Department that serve the state's leading industry with the most up-to-date, accurate information, pertaining to field crop production. Important and useful research in the areas of plant breeding, plant physiology, weed science, soil fertility, cropping systems and precision agriculture are conducted by scientists based on this campus. Crops covered include the important summer row crops of cotton, peanut, corn and soybeans, as well as small grains, forages, turfgrass and emerging/alternative field crops. Extension specialists for these areas of interest and commodities then deliver this research information to the growers through the county agent delivery system.

Many professors in this department also supervise M.S and Ph.D. graduate students to increase their research productivity and place graduates in important faculty and ag industry positions across the country. In addition, since 2004, many professors in the Crop and Soil Sciences Department are also involved in undergraduate teaching where classes with a great student-to-teacher ratio participate in hands-on learning field crop production agriculture. 

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Crop & Soil Sciences

Research, Extension, Instruction Coordinator

Tifton Personnel in the Department of Crop & Soil Sciences

Jessie Adams Research Professional and IPBGG MS Student (Dr Nino Brown, Advisor)
Lisa Baxter Assistant Professor and State Forage Specialist
William D. Branch Georgia Seed Development Professor in Peanut Breeding and Genetics
Robert Edward Brooke Research Professional I
Nino Brown Assistant Research Scientist
Peng Chee Professor | Cotton Breeding and Genetics, Host- Plant Resistance, Quantitative Trait Loci, Genomics
David Conger Research Professional I
Lesa Cox Administrative Associate, Tifton
Stanley Culpepper Professor - Extension Weed Scientist
Pamela F Dotson Research Technician III
Dustin G Dunn Research Professional I
Jodi D Figgatt Administrative Associate I
Ashley A Golden Administrative Associate for Animal & Dairy Science, Poultry Science & Crop & Soil Sciences
Jason J. Goldman Post Doc
Kaylyn Groce Extension Cotton and Peanut Sustainability Educator
Glendon H. Harris Professor, Extension Agronomist - Environmental Soil & Fertilizer
Rodney W. Hill Senior Agriculture Specialist
Charlie R. Hilton Agricultural Research Assistant III
Pawan Kumar Post Doctoral Associate
Steven Gordon McLeod Research Technician II
J.Michael Moore Extension Agronomist - Tobacco
William T Pearce Research Technician III
Sara Pelham Graduate Research Assistant
Cristiane Pilon Assistant Professor - Row Crop Physiology
Eric P. Prostko Extension Agronomist - Weed Science
Michael Purvis Research Professional I
Timothy Richards Research Professional I
Abby Rigsby Office / Clerical Assistant
Tara Williams Riner Office / Clerical Assistant
Richard Roth Assistant Professor- Extension Grains and Soybean Agronomist
John Clark Schaffner Research Technician II
Lola Sexton Research Professional I
Taylor Randell Singleton Assistant Professor | Extension Sustainability Specialist
Gurpreet Virk Assistant Research Scientist- Applied Crop Physiology
Simerjeet Virk Assistant Professor and Extension Precision Ag Specialist
Amanda L. Webb Ag Research Assistant I