Plant Pathology

Plant pathology is an integrative discipline that bridges the plant, microbial and environmental sciences. With scientists located on three campuses (Athens, Tifton and Griffin), we are one of the largest and most comprehensive Plant Pathology departments in the country. The department provides high-quality graduate and undergraduate education; conducts innovative research into the causes, nature and management of plant disease; and helps growers in Georgia and across the nation manage diseases through relevant and dynamic extension and outreach efforts.

The Department of Plant Pathology has a strong presence on the Tifton campus. Research by faculty, staff, and graduate students at this location focuses on the biology, epidemiology, and management of fungal, bacterial, viral, and nematode diseases on the diverse range of agronomic, vegetable, and fruit crops grown in Georgia's Coastal Plain region, one of the most productive agricultural regions in the U.S. Opportunities abound for M.S., Ph.D. and MPPPM graduate students interested in translational research to make a difference in enhancing agricultural productivity and increasing food security.

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Plant Pathology

Research, Extension, Instruction Coordinator

Timothy Branner Brenneman Professor, Peanut and Pecan Disease Management

Tifton Personnel in the Department of Plant Pathology

Lance Alberson Research Parapro/professional
Alana Grace Atkinson Graduate Research Assistant
Sudeep Bag Assistant Professor- Crop Virology
Mirza Ashikul Beg Graduate Research Assistant
Jessica L Bell Research Professional I
Caleb Bollenbacher Graduate Research Assistant
Timothy Branner Brenneman Professor, Peanut and Pecan Disease Management
Bonna Chowdhury Graduate Research Assistant
Intiaz Amin Chowdhury Assistant Professor of Cotton and Vegetable Crop Nematology
D. Machelle Clements Administrative Associate, Tifton
Albert K. Culbreath Professor, Foliar fungal diseases and Tomato spotted wilt of peanut
Dalvir Kaur Dhadly Graduate Research Assistant
Bhabesh Dutta Associate Professor and Extension Vegetable Disease Specialist
Surendra Reddy Edula Graduate Research Assistant
Eric R. Goodwin Farm Supervisor III
Alejandra Maria Jimenez Madrid Director- Plant Molecular Diagnostic Lab
Brian Scott Jordan Graduate Research Assistant
Navjot Kaur Postdoctoral Associate Ad
Santosh Koirala Graduate Research Assistant
Jonathan E. Oliver Assistant Professor - Fruit Pathologist
Karan D Patel Research Parapro/professional
Aparna Petkar Postdoctoral Research Associate
Nabin Poudel Graduate Research Assistant
Tara Williams Riner Administrative Associate, Tifton
Bhavya Shukla Graduate Research Assistant
Corey Thompson Research Professional I
Nowrin Mostafa Tuly Graduate Research Assistant
Sumyya Waliullah Postdoctoral Associate Ad
Renae Woods Administrative Associate, Tifton
Lina Flor Paclibar Young Lead Business Manager, Tifton

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