Horticulture is the science and art of producing, improving, marketing and using fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants. It differs from botany and other plant sciences in that horticulture incorporates both science and aesthetics. Production and consumption of high quality fruits and vegetables allows us to maintain a healthy, balanced daily diet. Flowers and ornamental plants enrich our homes and communities, and contribute to our sense of well-being.

Horticultural scientists at the Tifton campus work on many crops important to Georgia agriculture including blueberries, muscadine grapes and pecan trees, and vegetables such as broccoli, collard, cucumber, eggplant, kale, muskmelon, peppers, sweet corn, sweet onion, tomato and watermelon. This department is involved in basic and applied research in the plant sciences as well as providing expert technical assistance to growers throughout the state.

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Research, Extension, Instruction Coordinator

Patrick J. Conner Professor & Tifton REI Coordinator; Emphasis: Pecan & muscadine breeding

Tifton Personnel in the Department of Horticulture

Nirmala Acharya PhD GRA (Dr. McAvoy, advisor); vegetable production
Tearston J Adams Administrative Associate, Tifton
Mamata Bashyal PhD GRA (Dr. Diaz-Perez, advisor); vegetables, protected agricultural technologies
Stephanie Botton Research Technician & IPBGG-MS student (Dr. Ozias-Akins, advisor), peanut breeding
Melissa Brannon Research Technician III
Ye (Juliet) Chu Assistant Professor, Emphasis: Blueberry breeding
Joann Conner Associate Research Scientist; Emphasis: Apomixis, plant reproduction
Patrick J. Conner Professor & Tifton REI Coordinator; Emphasis: Pecan & muscadine breeding
Ramsey Corn MS GRA (Dr. Deltsidis, advisor), postharvest physiology in blackberry volatile profiles
Lesa Cox Administrative Associate, Tifton
Angelos Deltsidis Assistant Professor & Post-harvest Extension Specialist; Emphasis: Post-harvest fruit & vegetables physiology
Juan Carlos Diaz-Perez Professor; Emphasis: Vegetable production & plasticulture
Jodi D Figgatt Administrative Associate I
Orestis Giannopoulos MS GRA (Dr. Deltsidis, advisor); post-harvest physiology
Amit Godara MS GRA (Dr. Deltsidis, advisor); post-harvest physiology
Yinping Guo Research Professional II
Mike H. Hudson Agricultural Research Assistant III
Hua Kang Research Professional II
Ted McAvoy Assistant Professor & Vegetable Production Extension Specialist; Emphasis: Vegetable production
Hayley Milner MS GRA (Dr. McAvoy, advisor)
Peggy Ozias-Akins Distinguished Research Professor; Emphasis: Molecular genetics of plant development, peanuts
Luan Oliveira Assistant Professor and Precision Ag Extension Specialist
Zoilo Roy Perez PhD GRA (Dr. Rubio-Ames, advisor); Blueberry
Zilfina Rubio Ames Assistant Professor and Small Fruit Extension Specialist; Emphasis: Blueberry, small fruits
Emilio Suarez Romero MS GRA (Dr. McAvoy, advisor), soil amendments
Gregory Thomas Agricultural Research Assistant II
Chad Walker Research Technician III
Lenny Wells Professor & Pecan Extension Specialist; Emphasis: Pecans