Student Poster Symposium

Official announcement:

Student Poster Symposium Announcement

2019 Student Poster Symposium Winners:


  • 1st place - Joseph Jones
    Agricultural Education Courses Taught in Across the United States


  • 1st place – Samuele Lamon
    Introgression of A02 top and A03 bottom Genomic Regions from A. cardenasii Conferred Disease Resistance to Leaf Spots in Peanut
  • 2nd place – Will Hemphill
    Cane diseases of blackberry: Identifying the cause of blighted canes
  • 3rd place – Shanshan Cao
    Genetic Diversity of Muscadine Grapes (Vitis rotundifolia) Using SSR Markers


  • 1st place – Simerjeet Virk
    Evaluating Planter Downforce in Varying Soil Textures for Maximizing Crop Emergence in Cotton
  • 2nd place – Nabin Sedhain
    Identification of Potential Overwintering Host of Cotton Leaf Roll Dwarf Virus (CLRDV) in Georgia
  • 3rd place – Leticia de Arguila Moreno
    Physiological Traits as Components of Genotypic Variability of Peanuts under Drought Conditions