First Grade Dairy Field Day

As part of the annual UGA Tifton Dairy Field Day, first-graders in Tift County visit the campus dairy to learn more about livestock, poultry and fish.

"The students learned in class about the animals before coming. They then get to see the animals and learn more about them firsthand," said event organizer John Bernard, a UGA dairy nutritionist on the campus.

Other than feeding dairy calves, the kids learn how a real dairy works and get to see freshly hatched baby chicks, fish, goats, pigs, cattle and horses. They get to eat ice cream, too.

"We are in the business of education," said Joe West, the UGA Tifton campus assistant dean. "We have so many talented, motivated people who work here. This program and the people who dedicate their time are a window for these kids to see how their food and fiber are made. You never know what positive things can happen by just reaching out and sharing this type of experience."

At the end of the day, teachers are given an additional packet of material from commodity groups to hand out later to the children, including coloring books and short stories about agriculture.

Dairy Field Day 2018

First Grade Field Day 2018

Contacts for Teachers

John Bernard

Katie Wilson - Email

Dairy Research Center
795 Animal Science Drive
Tifton, Georgia 31793