The CAES Tifton Campus Awards and Recognitions Committee will assist the Assistant Dean and Location Coordinators in the development of an ongoing program to recognize important and significant contributions and accomplishments of all personnel at the CAES Tifton Campus. They will also work with the Assistant Dean in developing appropriate means of acknowledging such recognition and honors. The Committee will work closely with organizations such as Sigma Xi and cooperate where appropriate.

This Committee is composed of the following individuals:

  • Chair: Tim Brenneman, Plant Pathology
  • Greg Fonsah, Ag and Applied Economics
  • Claudia Dunkley, Animal and Dairy Science
  • Melissa Tawzer, Animal and Dairy Science
  • John Snider, Crop and Soil Sciences
  • Crystal Butler, Crop and Soil Sciences
  • Mark Abney, Entomology
  • Kurt Seigler, Facilities Management
  • Mike Hudson, Horticulture
  • Michelle Cooper, Office of Information Technology
  • Albert Culbreath, Plant Pathology
  • James Wilson, Tifton Campus Conference Center
  • Corley Holbrook, USDA Crop Genetics
  • Oliva Pisani, USDA Crop Protection
  • Margie Whittle, USDA SE Watershed