Locations and Use of Defibrillators


There are eight defibrillators (AEDs) located on the Tifton Campus.

  • Tift Building
  • Plant Science Building
  • Bio & Ag Building
  • TDC Student Center
  • Future Farmstead
  • Physical Plant
  • Tifton Campus Conference Center (2)

The AEDs are portable, so if there isn’t one located in your particular building, you can run to the building closest to you and grab one to use in case of an emergency.

If you have any questions, please contact Ann Wiggins at (229) 386-3336.


The defibrillator (AED) is meant to be used on those who are having sudden cardiac arrest.

Steps of Action:

  1. Always call 911 FIRST.
  2. Take the AED out of the storage box (which is mounted to a wall) and press the On/Off button to turn it on.
  3. Connect the pads to the AED, if not connected already. Unit should always be stored with pads already connected.
  4. Prepare the person by removing any clothing from their chest and wiping away any moisture. Place pads on the person (follow instructions on pad package. Pad placement is important and is different for infants vs. adults).
  5. The AED will check to make sure that the pads are well connected and that an adequate ECG signal is being received. DO NOT TOUCH THE PATIENT AND CEASE CPR. Follow voice prompts.
  6. Press SHOCK button if instructed by the AED. The AED will determine whether a shock is needed and will advise you on whether one will be delivered. If it determines that a shock is needed, then it will charge the AED and deliver one; however, if it determines that a shock is not needed, the shock button will not be enabled.

As you can tell from the instructions above, you cannot make any errors or harm anyone, so don’t hesitate or be afraid to use it if needed. AEDs are known to save lives.

It is strongly suggested that you locate the AED closest to your building and get familiar with it. It’s okay to take it out of the storage cabinet, examine it and get a feel for how to operate it. Go ahead and turn it on and listen to the voice prompts. It won’t do anything unless you have it hooked up to a body. There is also a manual with every AED, so feel free to look it over, too.