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Soil moisture conditions in the southern half of the state are generally at the fifth percentile, meaning the soils at the end of May would be wetter 95 out of 100 years. CAES News
Drought Impact
The widespread drought that’s made national headlines this week will probably be a boon for some Georgia corn producers, but a costly burden for the state’s poultry and beef industries.
A young visitor to the UGA Pavilion at the 2011 Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Ga., Oct. 19 learns about giant cockroaches. CAES News
Expo weathers on
Despite an uncomfortable mix of wet, cold and windy weather, North America’s premier farm show, the Sunbelt Ag Expo, marched on this week in Moultrie, Ga. More than 70,000 visitors perused the wears of 1,200 vendors, a North Carolina farmer was tapped as the Southeast’s top and land-grant universities brought their messages to the masses.
Record corn yields
Without irrigation, there’d be no corn to harvest this year in Georgia. In this episode of “In the Field” Brad Haire speaks with Dr. Dewey Lee, grain agronomist with UGA Cooperative Extension, about Georgia's 2011 corn crop.
NASCAR Nationwide Series driver Kenny Wallace talks ethanol and alternative energy with Shi-Zong Li, deputy director of China's Tsinghua University Institute of New Energy Technology, at the 6th annual Southeast Bioenergy Conference Aug. 9 in Tifton, Ga. CAES News
Kenny Wallace says he “is a corn guy,” referring to the grain used to make ethanol, a fuel the NASCAR Nationwide Series driver is passionate about these days.