Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and efforts to reduce the amount of personnel on campus, a majority of UGA-Tifton personnel worked remotely from mid-March to mid-August. As a result, campus events - the 2020 Awards of Excellence Ceremony among them - had to be cancelled. However, nominations were still accepted and a slate of winners selected!

To welcome back Tifton faculty, staff and students, a special "drive-thru" breakfast and awards recognition event was held on August 10, 2020. 

Awards and Recognitions presented for FY2020
(Beginning July 1, 2019 — Ending June 30, 2020)

2020 Drive-Thru Awards

Awards for Excellence

Award Recipient
Senior Scientist - Research Juan Carlos Diaz-Perez
Junior Scientist - Research Bhabesh Dutta
Senior Scientist - Extension Esendugue Greg Fonsah
Junior Scientist - Extension Andre da Silva
Teaching Gary Burtle
Technical Support - Senior Billy Wilson
Technical Support - Junior Charles Gruver
Service Unit Support Michael Pippin 
Administrative Support Tiffany Wiggins
Student Employee Haley Pulsifer 
Friend of the Campus Rep. Penny Houston

Certificates of Service

35 Years of Service

  • Sephus Willis - Field Research Services

30 Years of Service

  • David Adcock - Physical Plant
  • Mike Crumley - Horticulture
  • Albert Culbreath - Plant Pathology
  • J. Michael Moore - Crop & Soil Sciences
  • George Vellidis - Crop & Soil Sciences

25 Years of Service

  • Glen Harris - Crop and Soil Sciences
  • Cindy Tucker - Office of Information Technology

20 Years of Service

  •  John Bernard - Animal & Dairy Sciences
  • Jason Brock - Plant Pathology
  • Patrick Conner - Horticulture
  • Alfred Stanley Culpepper - Crop & Soil Sciences
  • Juan Carlos Diaz Perez - Horticulture
  • Timothy Grey - Crop & Soil Sciences
  • Gunawati Gunawan - Horticulture/NESPAL
  • Teri Hughes - Assistant Dean’s Office
  • John Paulk - Precision Agriculture

15 Years of Service

  • Ye (Juliet) Chu - Horticulture/NESPAL
  • Caleb Clements - Plant Pathology

10 Years of Service

  • Andy Carter - Field Research Services
  • Dustin Dunn - Crop & Soil Sciences
  • Steven Hudson - Field Research Services
  • David Rooks - Animal & Dairy Sciences
  • Brian Schwartz - Crop & Soil Sciences
  • Renae Woods - Agricultural & Applied Economics
  • Lina Flor Paclibar Young - Plant Pathology

University of Georgia Graduates

Fall, 2019

  • Brandon E. Dowling - Agribusiness
  • Danielle N. Taylor - Agricultural Education
  • Robert B. Holden - Agriscience and Environ Sys
  • Pete Perrin - MAB, Agribusiness
  • Lissi Carr - Agricultural and Environmental Education (MAEE)
  • Justin Lanier - MPPPM, Plant Protect and Pest Mgmt
  • Sarah C. Hobby - MPPPM, Plant Protect and Pest Mgmt
  • Jason E. Mallard - MPPPM, Plant Protect and Pest Mgmt
  • Sydni C. Barwick - MS, Entomology
  • Carson L. Bowers - MS, Entomology
  • Shanshan Cao - MS, Horticulture
  • Dario Di Genova - MS, Crop and Soil Sciences
  • Lauren Perez - MS, Entomology
  • Taylor M. Randell - MS, Crop and Soil Sciences
  • Arianna Toffanin - MS, Crop and Soil Sciences
  • Will H. Hemphill - MS, Plant Pathology
  • Davis M. Gimode - PhD, Plant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics

Spring, 2020

Agribusiness (BSA)

Mary Mikelyn Bruorton, Cum Laude
Ethan Cobb
Owen Kimbrel
Bailey Leger

Agricultural Education (BSA)
Makenzie Cioffi
Lindsey Stone
Austin Swinamer
Biological Science (BSA)
Cassidy Ingram
Agriscience and Environmental Systems (BSA)
Lauren Dubberly
Shelby Sangster

Master of Agricultural and Environmental Education (MAEE)
Cliff Collins (Dr. Barry Croom, faculty advisor)
Sarah Hand (Dr. Ashley Yopp, faculty advisor)
Justin Hand (Dr. Ashley Yopp, faculty advisor)
Ami Harrington (Dr. Ashley Yopp, faculty advisor)
Master of Plant Protection and Pest Management (MPPPM)
John Bennett (Dr. David Riley, faculty advisor)
Chelsea Matewe (Dr. Jonathan Oliver, faculty advisor)
Ryan Weredyck (Dr. Alton Sparks, faculty advisor)

Master of Science – Animal and Dairy Science (MS)
Kaylyn Groce (Dr. Jennifer Tucker, faculty advisor)

Master of Science – Crop and Soil Sciences (MS)

Alessandro Ermanis (Dr. John Snider, faculty advisor)
Nick Hurdle (Dr. Timothy Grey, faculty advisor)
Caleb Weaver (Dr. Scott Monfort, faculty advisor)
Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD)
Kadeghe Fue (Dr. Changying Li – College of Engineering, faculty advisor)
Simerjeet Virk (Dr. Changying Li – College of Engineering, faculty advisor)

Summer, 2020

  • Cassidy A. Ingram - Biological Science
  • Mary M. Bruorton - Agribusiness
  • Lindsey H. Stone - Agricultural Education
  • Seth T. McAllister - MPPPM, Plant Protect and Pest Mgmt
  • Alessandro Ermanis - MS, Crop and Soil Sciences
  • Anukul Bhattarai - MS, Agriculture and Applied Econ
  • Matthew Stuart - MS, Crop and Soil Sciences
  • Simerjeet Virk - PhD, Biological and Agricultural Engineering
  • Kadeghe G. Fue - PhD, Engineering

Student Achievements

Student MVP
(sponsored by the Georgia Cotton Commission)

  • Shelby Sangster

Prince Scholarship
(sponsored by Prince Automotive Group)

  • Sam Bowen

Tift Cultivar Scholarship
(sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Hanna)

  • Kaitlyn Dukes
  • Vyctoria Solomon