Tifton campus folks celebrated their own May 5, 2014 at the annual University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Tifton Campus Awards Ceremony. 

Awards and Recognitions presented for FY2014
(Beginning July 1, 2013 — Ending June 30, 2014)


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Friend of the UGA Tifton Campus Award

Senator John Crosby received the 2014 Friend of the UGA Tifton Campus Award. The award was accepted by Senator John Crosby and his wife, Rose. Also pictured are Dr. Joe West (far left) and Dean Scott Angle (far right).



Awards for Excellence

Award Recipient
Senior Scientist - Research Glen Rains
Senior Scientist - Extension Greg Fonsah
Junior Scientist - Research Brian Schwartz
Junior Scientist - Extension Jared Whitaker
Technical Support Patsie Cannon and Jenna Smith
Service Unit Support Ulysses Flagg, Jr. and Kim Giddens
Administrative Support Staci Mullis and Debbie Rutland
Student Employee Samuel Smith


Certificates of Service

35 Years of Service

  • William D. Branch - Crop and Soil Sciences
  • James D. Dutcher - Entomology

30 Years of Service

  • Carol S. Ireland - Assistant Dean's Office/Entomology
  • Julian N. Ragan - Southwest Research and Education Center

25 Years of Service

  • Gary Burtle - Animal and Dairy Science
  • Mike H. Hudson - Horticulture
  • Steven S. Lahue - Field Research Services

20 Years of Service

  • Henry Dewayne Dales - Field Research Services
  • Ulysses Flagg - Physical Plant
  • Rodney Hill - Crop and Soil Sciences
  • Neal J. Roberson - Field Research Services

15 Years of Service

  • William L. Bronson - Animal and Dairy Science
  • Joann Conner - Horticulture
  • Vickie H. Garrick - Office of Information Technology
  • Patricia Hilton - Plant Pathology
  • Ronnie D. Kailing - Physical Plant
  • Evelyn Perry Saul - NESPAL
  • Robert Pippin - Crop and Soil Sciences
  • Alice H. Pitts - Assistant Dean's Office/Ag Economics
  • Floyd Hunt Sanders - Plant Pathology
  • Karen E. Shannon-McBrayer - Tifton Campus Conference Center
  • Earl Whitley - Physical Plant
  • Tina H. Wood - Tifton Campus Conference Center

10 Years of Service

  • Wayne Hanna - Crop and Soil Sciences
  • Anthony Knowlton - Entomology
  • James Kenneth Spurlin - Business Office
  • Gregory Thomas - NESPAL

Recent Retirees

Tracey Soles – Animal and Dairy Science

Julian N. (Skeet) Ragan – Southwest Research and Education Center

John A. Hurley – Southwest Research and Education Center

Sylvia Marrotti – Office of Communication and Technology Services

Aris Lamb – Field Research Services

Glenda Gibbs – Physical Plant


Student Accomplishments

Fall 2013 Graduates

  • Davis Bruorton - Agribusiness
  • Christopher Mullis, cum laude - Agriscience and Environmental Systems
  • Shannon Parrish, cum laude - Agribusiness

2014 Graduates

  • Cara Butler - Biological Science
  • Nicholas Cantrell, cum laude - Agricultural Education
  • Katelyn Clements, summa cum laude - Agribusiness
  • James Crosby - Biological Science
  • Brittany Doster - Agribusiness
  • Randall Ellis - Agribusiness
  • Eric Fales, cum laude - Agriscience and Environmental Systems
  • Tyler Foister - Agribusiness
  • William Blake Jones, cum laude - Agricultural Education
  • Jenna Kicklighter, magna cum laude - Agriscience and Environmental Systems
  • Tommy Martin - Agricultural Education
  • Madeline Robertson - Biological Science
  • Justin Youngblood - Agricultural Education

Tifton Campus Graduates

Special Awards and Scholarships

Dean's List Recipients

  • James Crosby
  • Eric Fales
  • Jenna Kicklighter
  • Shannon Parrish

Presidential Scholars

  • Katelyn Clements
  • Justin Youngblood

2014 Student MVP Award

Amanda Miller received the 2014 Student MVP Award.

Marie Gaskins Prince Scholarship

Ben Pope was presented with the 2014 Marie Gaskins Prince Memorial Scholarship ($1,000).


Special Achievements


Animal and Dairy Science Department

Patsie Cannon - Honorary State FFA Degree from the Georgia FFA Association. This is the highest honor in the organization that is bestowed upon an individual at the state level. She received the award on May 2 during the State FFA Convention in Macon.


Entomology Department

Chuck Bargeron - Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council – 2013 Award of Excellence for an Outstanding Record of Service to Exotic Pest Plant Research, Education, Outreach and Control in the Southeastern United States.

The Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health received the 2013 Family Forest Education Award from the National Woodland Owners Association (NWOA) and National Association of University Forest Resources Programs (NAUFRP).

Dr. David Riley - 2014 Georgia Entomological Society Founder's Lecturer.

Brian Little - Received first place for his presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Georgia Entomological Society held April 9-11 in Valdosta. The presentation was titled “Efficacy of Selected Classes of Insecticides for Managing Stink Bugs (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) in Georgia Cotton.”

Received second place for his presentation at the Beltwide Cotton Conferences held January 6-9 in New Orleans. The presentation was titled “A Comparison of Organophosphates, Pyrethroids, and Neonicotinoids for Managing Stink Bugs in Cotton.”

Received third place for his presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Georgia Association of County Agricultural Agents held November 4-6 in Lake Lanier Island, GA. The presentation was titled “Management of Cigarette Beetle Populations Within Tobacco Receiving Stations By Using Mating Disruption Techniques.”

Submitted a winning photograph in the 2013 Tifton Campus Photo Contest. His entry in the Outreach Activity category was titled “Entomology Outreach.”

Was selected to participate in the 2013 UGA CAES Project FOCUS-Service Learning experience held in Ecuador and received both the 2013 CAES International Travel Scholarship and the 2013 UGA Graduate School Dean's Award to support his travel and participation.

Received the 2014 Georgia Entomological Society M.S. Scholarship. Brian is a graduate student in Dr. Toews' insect ecology lab.

Ian Knight - Received second place for his presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Georgia Entomological Society held April 9-11 in Valdosta. The presentation was titled “Cultural Practices to Reduce Thrips Densities and Disease Transmission in Peanut.”

Received first place for his presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Branch of the Entomological Association of America held March 2-4 in Greenville, SC. The presentation was titled “Potential for Managing Thrips in Seedling Cotton Using Particle Films.”

Was nominated by the Department of Entomology to receive the 2014 CAES E. Broadus Browne Research Award in recognition of outstanding research and effective communication skills. Ian is a graduate student in Dr. Toews' insect ecology lab.

Dr. Michael Toews - Received the Oliver I Snapp Award from best research paper presented at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Georgia Entomological Society held April 9-11 in Valdosta.

Dr. Phillip Roberts and Dr. Michael Toews (along with the Southeast Row Crop Entomologists Working Group) - Received the 2013 Friends of IPM Bright Idea Award. The award was presented by the Southern IPM Center in recognition of a stink bug decision aid card.

Dr. Phillip Roberts - State Extension Award from GA/FL Soybean Association.


Stripling Irrigation Research Park

Stripling Park was named a winner in the Irrigation Association's Smart Marketing Contest for having one of the best 2013 Smart Irrigation Month promotional campaigns. SIRP was recognized at the 2013 Irrigation Show in Austin, TX as the Affiliate – Agriculture category winner.


Cooperative Extension Southwest District

Josh Clevenger - Received a Ph.D. Scholar of Excellence Fellowship, won 1st place in the PBGG Spring Retreat poster competition and was awarded an Innovative and interdisciplinary Research Grant (2014) from the Graduate School.


USDA-ARS Crop Genetics and Breeding Research Unit

Kathy Marchant - USDA-ARS South Atlantic Area Office Professional of the Year Award.

Dr. C. Corley Holbrook - Crop Science Fellow.


USDA-ARS Crop Protection and Management

Dr. Dawn Olson - Awarded a Fellowship from the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science. She went to Japan for 2 weeks last November to work on research of the Kudzu bug and gave several talks at six Japanese Universities.

Danielle B. Simmons - Pathways Intern Student Trainee received the Weed Science Society of America Undergraduate Research Award.  She also participated in the Southern Weed Science Society Student Weed Competition last summer.

Dr. Baozhu Guo - In June 2013, received an award for recognition of valuable contributions to the International Peanut Genome Sequencing Project at The Sixth International Conference on Advances in Arachis through Genomics and Biotechnology (AAGB-2013), Zhengzhou, China. In March 2014, Dr. Guo received the American Peanut Council (APC) Peanut Research and Education Award.

Jake C. Fountain - Won 2nd Place in the Graduate Student Oral Presentation, Georgia Association of Plant Pathologist Annual Meeting. Jake C. Fountain, Brian T. Scully, Scott E. Gold, Anthony E. Glenn, Robert C. Kemerait, and Baozhu Guo “ Reactive Oxygen Species and Their Possible Role in Defense Signaling in Maize-Aspergillus Flavus Interactions. Jake is a graduate Student working with B. Guo and B. Kemerait.