Tifton campus folks celebrated their own May 10, 2007 at the annual University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Tifton Campus Awards Ceremony. 

Awards and Recognitions presented for FY2007
(Beginning July 1, 2006 — Ending June 30, 2007)


Friend of the UGA Tifton Campus

Julie Hunt (right) was recognized for her contribution to the campus, receiving the campus's first Friend of the Campus award.

This award is designed to recognize an individual who has made a significant impact on enhancing the programs and mission of the Tifton Campus but is not an employee of the University of Georgia or USDA-ARS.



Awards for Excellence

Award Recipient
Senior Scientist - Research John Ruter
Senior Scientist - Extension Gary Burtle
Junior Scientist - Research Meng Luo
Junior Scientist - Extension Nathan Smith
Teaching Glen Harris
Technical Support Larry Baldree, Vickie Garrick, Charles Joyner and John Paulk
Service Unit Support Dana Cheek and Mike Stephenson
Administrative Support Leslie Cromer


Certificates of Service

35 Years of Service

  • Sheran Thompson - Entomology
  • V. David Tyson, Jr. - Facilities Management and Operations

30 Years of Service

  • Keith Douce - Entomology
  • Gerard Krewer - Horticulture
  • William Perry - Southeast Research and Education Center

25 Years of Service

  • Betty Cushion - Office of Communications
  • Charles Joyner - Horticulture
  • Dewey Lee - Crop and Soil Sciences
  • Bryan Maw - Biological and Agricultural Engineering
  • William Roberts - Southwest District

20 Years of Service

  • Timothy Brenneman - Plant Pathology
  • Steve M. Brown - Crop and Soil Sciences
  • Dudley Cook - Crop and Soil Sciences
  • Thomas Cook - Entomology
  • Frank Griffin - Animal and Dairy Science
  • Linda Hagerson - Southeast Research and Education Center
  • Vickie Hogan - Crop and Soil Sciences
  • Robert McNeil - Facilities Management and Operations
  • Robert McPherson - Entomology
  • Peggy Ozias-Akins - NESPAL
  • Kathy Patterson - Southwest District
  • Ed Troxell - Biological and Agricultural Engineering

15 Years of Service

  • Alan Brock - Attapulgus Research and Education Center
  • Paige Gay - Biological and Agricultural Engineering
  • Debra Rutland - Assistant Dean / Entomology
  • Katherine Stevenson - Plant Pathology
  • Melissa Tawzer - Animal and Dairy Science

10 Years of Service

  • Larry Baldree - Crop and Soil Sciences
  • Sue Cromer - Southwest District
  • Nancy Hand - Horticulture
  • Richard Jackson - Southeast Research and Education Center
  • Sylvia Marrotti - Office of Information Technology
  • Clay Roach - Office of Information Technology
  • Phillip Roberts - Entomology

Recent Retirees

H.L. Batten - SE Watershed Research Unit / USDA-ARS

Rueben Buchanan - SW Research and Education Center, Plains

Bobby Goodman - Facilities Management and Operations

Ann Goodwin - Crop and Soil Sciences

Joe Lewis - Crop Protection and Management Research Unit / USDA-ARS

Luz Marti - SE Watershed Research Unit / USDA-ARS

Bryan Maw - Biological and Agricultural Engineering

William Perry - SW Research and Education Center, Plains

Sharad Phatak - Horticulture

Joe Sheridan - Crop Protection and Management Research Unit / USDA-ARS

Van Tucker - Animal and Dairy Science


Student Accomplishments

Berri Allen - Spring 2007 graduate

Tasha Bagley - Fall 2006 graduate

Elton Baldy - Georgia Soil & Water Conservation Commission scholarship; Georgia Crop Improvement scholarship; Spring 2007 graduate

Ashley Barrentine-Sealy - Spring 2007 graduate

Josh Barrett - Spring 2007 graduate

Kerri Barrett - Spring 2007 graduate

Blake Branch - Spring 2007 graduate

Lane Brannen - Spring 2007 graduate

Audra Chapman - Summer 2007 graduate

Susan Clark - Students Studying Abroad program (Summer - Italy)

Derrick Davis - Spring 2007 graduate

Brad Hall - Fall 2006 graduate

James Hunter - Spring 2007 graduate

Kevin Flowers - Summer 2007 graduate

Krista Johns - Spring 2007 graduate

Andrea Johnson - Spring 2007 graduate

Mac Jones - Summer 2007 graduate

Zachary Ryan Lumpkin - Summer 2007 graduate

Jonathan Markham - Fall 2006 graduate

Jeffery McClendon - Spring 2007 graduate

Stuart McKinney - Fall 2006 graduate

Gerome Morgan - Spring 2007 graduate

Dustin O'Neal - Spring 2007 graduate

John Clark Pettit - Summer 2007 graduate

Jeremy Roberts - Fall 2006 graduate

Julie Roberts - Students Studying Abroad program (Summer - Italy)

Jeffery Ross - Fall 2006 graduate

Stephanie Summerlin - Spring 2007 graduate

Chris Tyson - Fall 2006 graduate

Rebekah Wallace - Spring 2007 graduate

David Yarbrough - Spring 2007 graduate

The 2007 Sigma Xi Award winners are (pictured from left) Sherry Waldrop, David Edens, John Paulk, Jacolyn Merriman, Dr. Robert Hubbard and Dr. Richard Lowrance.

Sigma Xi Awards

Dr. Richard Lowrance - Distinguished Service Award
Awarded to recognize scientific achievement regardless of time period. Intended to acknowledge sustained contributions or high originality and impact by scientists.

Dr. Robert Hubbard - Creative Research Award
Awarded to recognize an especially significant research accomplishment, discovery, or scientific achievement within the last five years.

Jacolyn Merriman - Outstanding Technical Support Award
Awarded to recognize outstanding technical support of research and contribution to scientific achivement.

John Paulk - Service to Research Award
Awarded to recognize individuals who would not normally be eligible for other Sigma Xi Awards, but who have, through unusual initiative and effort, made a contribution to science above and beyond that expected.

David Edens - Emory Cheek Memorial Sigma Xi Scholarship
Awarded to a senior student of Tift County High School with an outstanding record in science and an interest in continuing their education in science.

Sherry Waldrop - Outstanding Science or Math Teacher Award
Awarded to a science or math teacher from area schools. Sherry Waldrop is a math teacher at Eighth Street Middle School, Tifton, Ga.


Special Achievements

John K. Bernard, Animal and Dairy Science - Member of the Journal Management Committee for the Journal of Dairy Science; co-chair of the National Dairy Heifer and Calf Conference.

Tim Brenneman, Plant Pathology - SE Pecan Growers Excellence in Research Award; past-president of Southern Division of American Phytopathological Society.

Yigen Chen, Entomology - First place in Ph.D. student oral presentation, Insect Control session, Beltwide Cotton Conference, 2007.

Albert Culbreath, Plant Pathology - July 2005-July 2006 Program Chair, 2006 Annual Meeting of the American Peanut Research & Education Society; July 2006-present, President, American Peanut Research & Education Society; Member, Fellows Committee, American Peanut Research & Education Society; Section Chair for Disease Management, American Phytopathological Society Program Board; Major Professor to Ph.D. candidate Sara Gremillion, who was a finalist in the Fulbright Post Doctoral Fellow selection process.

Dewayne Dales, Biological and Agricultural Engineering - Reclassified from Agricultural Research Assistant III to Research Professional I.

James D. Dutcher, Entomology - Won $100 and a certificate from the Southeastern Pecan Growers for the Gold Seal Red Ribbon Award in March for the Best Paper Presentation at the 2006 meeting of the association.

Greg Fonsah, Agricultural and Applied Economics - Received the 2006 President's Volunteer Service Award.

Paige Gay, Biological and Agricultural Engineering - Received her Ph.D. from the University of Florida and accepted the position of Assistant Research Scientist with BAE; Paige was previously a Research Coordinator II with BAE.

Sara Gremillion, Plant Pathology - Received the Kenneth E. Papa Outstanding Plant Pathology Graduate Student Award 2006; won second place in the 2006 Graduate Student Oral Presentation Competition at the Georgia Association of Plant Pathologists meeting; won second place in the 2006 Joe Sugg Graduate Student Oral Presentation Competition at the American Peanut Research & Education Society meeting; Rhodes College Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biology (2007); Accompanying position: Rhodes College Faculty Fellow (2007-2009).

Curt Lacy, Agricultural and Applied Economics - Received the 2007 Outstanding Extension Program Award, Southern Agricultural Economics Association.

Calvin Perry, Biological and Agricultural Engineering - Promoted from Public Service Representative to Public Service Assistant; Serves as Chair, Georgia Section of ASABE; Serves as Chair, ABAC Ag Alumni Council.

John R. Ruberson, Entomology - Promoted to Professor, effective July 1, 2007.

Nathan Smith, Agricultural and Applied Economics - Elected Chair, Southern Extension Public Affairs Committee Board Member, National Public Policy Education Committee Chair, Bailey Award Committee, APRES.

Nathan Smith and Amanda Ziehl, Agricultural and Applied Economics - 3rd place, 2007 Presented Poster Award, Southern Agricultural Economics Association.

Katherine Stevenson, Plant Pathology - Nominated for Bailey Award (American Peanut Research & Education Society); Outstanding Presentation Award (Georgia Association of Plant Pathologists); Faculty Recognition Certificate for contributing to the career development of UGA students (UGA Career Center).

Jason Todd, Biological and Agricultural Engineering - Ph.D. student received best student poster award at the 2007 USDA-CSREES Water Conference.

Lenny Wells, Horticulture - Received the Young Professional Award, GACAA, Nov. 15, 2006.

Jason Woodward, Plant Pathology - Graduate student won the George Washington Carver Award at the 2006 APRES meeting. Woodward, J.E., Gremillion, S.K., D.B., Brock, Kemerait, R.C., Langston, J.H., and Williams-Woodward, J.L. 2006. Lilium lancifolium is discovered as a new host of Botryosphaeria parva in Georgia. Plant Health Progress, doi: 10.1094/PHP-2006-1127-02-BR.



William (Bill) Anderson, Crop Genetics and Breeding - Chairman of Breeding Sessions of the Southern Pasture and Forage Crop Improvement Conference. Cultivar release of 'TifQuik' Bahiagrass.

C. Corley Holbrook, Crop Genetics and Breeding - Inducted as Fellow for the American Peanut Research and Education Society. Elected as Division C-1 (Crop Breeding and Genetics) Representative to the Crop Science Society of American Board of Directors.

C. Corely Holbrook and Weibo Dong, Crop Genetics and Breeding - Received Crop Science (C-8 Division) Outstanding Manuscript Award for the following paper: Holbrook, C.C. and W. Dong. Development and evaluation of a mini-core collection for the U.S. peanut germplasm collection. Crop Sci. 45:1540-1544.

Wayne Hanna, Crop Genetics and Breeding - Inducted into the ARS Hall of Fame.

Clint Truman, SE Watershed - Promoted from GS-14 to GS-15.