Tifton campus folks celebrated their own May 10, 2005 at the annual University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Tifton Campus Awards Ceremony. 

Awards and Recognitions presented for FY2005
(Beginning July 1, 2004 — Ending June 30, 2005)




Awards for Excellence

Award Recipient
Senior Scientist - Research Ron Gitaitis
Senior Scientist - Extension John Beasley
Junior Scientist - Research Peng W. Chee
Junior Scientist - Extension Stanley Culpepper
Teaching Steve L. Brown, Steve M. Brown and Kenny Seebold
Technical Support Patsie T. Cannon, Travis Ingram, Lola C. Sexton and Melissa A. Tawzer
Service Unit Support Bobby Goodman and Dickie Hilton
Administrative Support Cynthia Harrison


Certificates of Service

30 Years of Service

  • Bonnie Evans - Plant Pathology
  • Kenith Mullis - Plant Pathology
  • Sharad Phatak - Horticulture

25 Years of Service

  • Ronald Gitaitis - Plant Pathology
  • Kerry Harrison - Biological and Agricultural Engineering
  • Sandra McNeill - Assistant Dean's Office
  • Tim Ross - Facilities Management and Operations
  • Paul Sumner - Biological and Agricultural Engineering
  • David Tawzer - Animal and Dairy Science
  • Jackson Taylor - Entomology
  • June Womack - Assistant Dean's Office

20 Years of Service

  • Donna Abad - Business Office
  • Anthony Bateman - Horticulture
  • Stan Diffie - Assistant Dean's Office
  • Betsy Haman - Office of Information and Technology
  • Unessee Hargett - Assistant Dean's Office
  • Ed Troxell - Biological and Agricultural Engineering

15 Years of Service

  • Leslie Cromer - Assistant Dean's Office
  • Michael Gibbs - Biological and Agricultural Engineering
  • Cynthia Harrison - Assistant Dean's Office
  • Della Hunt - Conference Office
  • Keith Kightlinger - Agricultural and Applied Economics
  • Charles Roberson - Facilities Management and Operations
  • John Ruter - Horticulture

10 Years of Service

  • Machelle Clements - Assistant Dean's Office
  • Cindy Esco - Office of Communications
  • Jenny Granberry - Assistant Dean's Office
  • Cindy Hester - Assistant Dean's Office
  • Michael Pippin - Facilities Management and Operations
  • John Ruberson - Entomology
  • Ronnie Sumner - Animal and Dairy Science

Recent Retirees

Mitchell Cook - Crop Genetics and Breeding Research Unit-USDA ARS

Lynne Hester - Southeast Watershed Research Unit-USDA ARS

Curtis Lynch (Deceased) - Animal and Dairy Science

Maxine Merritt - Southeast Watershed Research Unit-USDA ARS

David Wilson - Department of Plant Pathology


Student Accomplishments

Emily Cantonwine - A graduate student with Albert Culbreath in Plant Pathology successfully defended her dissertation titled "Use of Genetics and Cultural Practices to Suppress Foliar Diseases of Peanut and Reduce Fungicide Requirements," 2005

Caci Cook - Dean's List, Fall 2004

Sara Gremillion - Ph.D. Student in Plant Pathology, working with Albert Culbreath, placed second in the Joe Sugg graduate student paper competition at the American Peanut Research and Education Society Meeting, San Antonio, TX, July 2004

Quinton Hadsock - Dean's List, Fall 2004; and GA Association of Professional Agricultural Consultants Scholarship, 2005

Stacey Jones - Roland Harris Scholarship, 2005

William Nance - Dean's List, Fall 2004

Charlie Pickett - Dean's List, Fall 2004

Sharon Reeves - President Scholar, Fall 2004

Andrea Swieczkowski - Student Teaching Scholarship, 2005

Victoria Wells - Dean's List, Fall 2004; Crop Alliance Production Scholarship, 2005; and Nesbitt-Flatt Outstanding Senior Award, 2005

Sigma Xi Awards

Dr. Ronald Gitaitis - Distinguished Service Award
Awarded to recognize scientific achievement regardless of time period. Intended to acknowledge sustained contributions or high originality and impact by scientists.

Dr. Steve L. Brown - Creative Research Award
Awarded to recognize an especially significant research accomplishment, discovery, or scientific achievement within the last five years.

Benjamin Baldree - Service to Research Award
Awarded to recognize individuals who would not normally be eligible for other Sigma Xi Awards, but who have, through unusual initiative and effort, made a contribution to science above and beyond that expected.

Charles Mullis - Outstanding Technical Support Award
Awarded to recognize outstanding technical support of research and contribution to scientific achivement.


Special Achievements

Benjamin Baldree, Crop and Soil Sciences/Assistant Dean's Office - Awarded the 2005 Tifton Sigma Xi Service to Research Award

John K. Bernard, Animal and Dairy Science - Promoted to Professor, 2005

Tim Brenneman, Plant Pathology - Serving in 2005 as President of the Southern Division of the American Phytopathological Society

Steve "Bug" Brown, Entomology - Awarded the 2005 Tifton Sigma Xi Creative Research Award

Albert Culbreath, Plant Pathology - Recognized by the American Phytopathological Society for Outstanding Services as Southern Division Councilor, 2001-2004

Juan Carlos Diaz Perez Horticulture Promoted to Associate Professor, 2005

James D. Dutcher, Entomology - Awarded "The Golden Seal Green Ribbon Excellence in Research Award" at the Southeastern Pecan Growers Association, March 2005

Ron Gitaitis, Plant Pathology - Awarded the Sigma Xi Distinguished Research Award by the Tifton Sigma Xi chapter, 2005

Gary Hawkins, Biological and Agricultural Engineering - Received 2004 Excellence in Teamwork Award, presented by the Joint Council of Extension Professionals; and Elected President of the Georgia Section of the Soil and Water Conservation Society

Gary M. Hill, Animal and Dairy Science - Service Recognition Award Certificate for serving as Associate Editor, Agronomy Journal 1998-2004, presented by Agronomy Society of America, November 15, 2004

Terry Kelley, Horticulture - Received a Southern Region ASHS publications award for UGA/CPES Publication No. 5-2003, Georgia Vegetable Extension-Research Report, 2002

Keith Kightlinger, Agricultural and Applied Economics - Elected Co-Chair, National Farm Income Tax Extension Committee, 2005

Robert M. McPherson, Entomology - Elected President of the Georgia Entomological Society of America , 2005-2006

Peggy Ozias-Akins, Horticulture - Received the National Sigma Xi Tifton Chapter Distinguished Service Award, 2005

Glen Rains, Biological and Agricultural Engineering - Promoted to Associate Professor, Tenure, 2005

Don Shurley, Agricultural and Applied Economics - 2005 Gamma Sigma Delta Distinguished Extension Award

Nathan Smith, Agricultural and Applied Economics - Elected Secretary, Southern Extension Public Affairs Committee and will serve as member of the National Public Policy Education Committee, 2005

Paul Sumner, Biological and Agricultural Engineering - Received the Tifton Campus Award of Excellence for Senior Scientist - Extension, 2004

George Vellidis, Biological and Agricultural Engineering - Received the Tifton Campus Award of Excellence for Teaching, 2004

Lenny Wells, Horticulture - New state pecan specialist, has joined the Horticulture department for 50% of his time, 2005


Agricultural & Applied Economics: Nathan Smith, V. Subramanium, S. Fletcher and John Baldwin - First Place Poster Award for "Is Conservation Tillage An Economically Warranted Production Strategy Under the 2002 Peanut Program: A Perspective of Southern Peanut Production?" Southern Agricultural Economics Association, 2005

Biological and Agricultural Engineering: George Vellidis, David Bosch, Richard Lowrance, Joe Sheridan, Jennifer Suttles and Lynn Usery - ASAE Paper of the Year Award (only 8 of 360 papers were selected to receive this award), 2005

Biological and Agricultural Engineering: Paul Sumner, Extension Vegetable Team - Received a Blue Ribbon Award for Publications from American Society for Horticultural Science, Southern Section, 2005

Horticulture: John Ruter and Wayne Hanna - Released two ornamental grass selections, 2005

Plant Pathology: Albert Culbreath, Steve (Bug) Brown, Jim Todd, Dan Gorbet, John Baldwin and John Beasley - Published a feature article in Plant Disease titled "Development of a Method of Risk Assessment to Facilitate Integrated Management of Spotted Wilt of Peanut," 2005  


Lloyd Copeland, Crop Protection and Management Research Unit - Won the USDA-ARS, South Atlantic Area, 2004 Technician of the Year Award (presented in February 2005 at SAA Research Leader Meeting in Savannah, GA)

C. Corley Holbrook, Crop Genetics and Breeding Research Unit - Fellow of the American Society of Agronomy, 2005

Charles Mullis, Crop Genetics and Breeding Research Unit - Outstanding Technical Support Award from Tifton Sigma Xi, 2005

Don Wauchope, Southeast Watershed Research Unit - Elected as Chair of the Agrochemicals Division of the American Chemical Society, 2005