Global Impact

The University of Georgia Tifton Campus is a hub for groundbreaking research with global impact. World-renowned scientists conducting agricultural research have called UGA Tifton home for almost 100 years.

Meet some of Tifton's World-Renowned Scientists:

In an effort to celebrate the campus' history, we are highlighting accomplishments of such scientists as Glenn Burton and Wayne Hanna, renowned researchers in turfgrass; James Shepherd, who designed the first peanut combine; and current scientist Peggy Ozias-Akins, who helped sequence the peanut genome.

There are so many contributions and that's what I think most laymen don't understand, that science is a progression. It's built on efforts of others that came before and those who will come after. You take somebody's idea and learn from them and build on it with the latest science and technology. The efforts of those early scientists have led to a lot of the discoveries that are occurring today, which will lead to further discoveries in the future.

Joe West, Assistant Dean for the UGA Tifton Campus