Tifton Personnel in the Department of Plant Pathology

Gaurav Agarwal Postdoctoral Research Associate
Emran Ali Assistant Research Scientist (Principal Investigator of Plant Molecular Diagnostic Lab)
Sudeep Bag Assistant Professor- Crop Virology
Jessica L Bell Research Professional I
Timothy Branner Brenneman Professor, Peanut and Pecan Disease Management
Jason H. Brock Plant Disease Diagnostician - Row Crops and Commercial Vegetables
Divya Choudhary Agriculture/ Forestry Technica
Albert K. Culbreath Professor, Foliar fungal diseases and Tomato spotted wilt of peanut
Bhabesh Dutta Assistant Professor and Extension Vegetable Disease Specialist
Jake C Fountain Postdoctoral Research Asso.
Eric R. Goodwin Farm Supervisor III
Abolfazl Hajihassani Assistant Professor of Nematology - Vegetable Research
Unessee Hargett Research Professional I
Michael T. Heath Research Professional I
Kory Herrington Graduate Research Assistant
Patricia A. Hilton Agricultural Rsch Asst II
Pingsheng Ji Professor - Vegetable Diseases and Applied Microbiology
Brian Scott Jordan Graduate Research Assistant
Hua Kang Research Professional
Kasmita Karki Graduate Research Assistant
Chelsea Matewe Graduate Research Assistant
Aaron Moore Research Professional III
Chinaza Davies Nnamdi Graduate Research Assistant
Jonathan E. Oliver Assistant Professor - Fruit Pathologist
Aparna Petkar Postdoctoral Research Associate
Nabin Prasad Sedhain Graduate Research Assistant
Edna Shannon Agriculture/ Forestry Technica
Katherine L. Stevenson Professor and REI Coordinator, Epidemiology and Fungicide Resistance
Sumyya Waliullah Research Parapro/professional
Hui Wang Research Professional II

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