Tifton Personnel in the Department of Crop & Soil Sciences

Lisa Baxter Assistant Professor and Extension Forage Agronomist
William D. Branch Georgia Seed Development Professor in Peanut Breeding and Genetics
Robert Edward Brooke Research Professional I
David Conger Research Professional I
Lesa Cox Administrative Associate I
Mitchell Crawford Temporary Service / Maint
Stanley Culpepper Professor - Extension Weed Scientist
Pamela F Dotson Research Technician III
Dustin G Dunn Research Professional I
Jeannie Evans Administrative Associate I
Jason J. Goldman Post Doc
Kaylyn Groce Extension Cotton and Peanut Sustainability Educator
Glendon H. Harris Professor, Extension Agronomist - Environmental Soil & Fertilizer
Cindy B. Hester Administrative Associate I
Rodney W. Hill Senior Agriculture Specialist
Charlie R. Hilton Agricultural Research Assistant III
Pawan Kumar Post Doctoral Associate
Vasileios Liakos Assistant Research Scientist
Steven Gordon McLeod Research Technician II
J.Michael Moore Extension Agronomist - Tobacco
Anna Orfanou Research Technician III
Dimitrios Pavlou Research Technician III
William T Pearce Research Technician III
Sara Pelham Graduate Research Assistant
Cristiane Pilon Assistant Professor - Row Crop Physiology
Eric P. Prostko Extension Agronomist - Weed Science
Michael Purvis Research Professional I
Timothy Richards Research Professional I
Michela Rineair Administrative Associate I
John Clark Schaffner Research Technician II
Lola Sexton Research Professional I
Michael Andrew Tucker Agricultural Research Engineer III
Simerjeet Virk Assistant Professor and Extension Precision Ag Specialist
Amanda L. Webb Ag Research Assistant I