Instructions for Teachers

We are looking forward to your visit! We hope that the Agricultural and Environmental Awareness Day will provide both an educational and fun-filled morning for you and your students. Please review the following before you come to ensure a successful field study.

Prepare Students
Our theme is Agricultural and Environmental Awareness. Let students know what they will be seeing. View our map and list of stations for more information. We will assign your group's first station, and then you will navigate through all stations in rotation led by an assigned guide.

You will most likely be paired off in groups of two classes each. If you have a specific teacher you would like to be paired with, please make those arrangements prior to arriving. It would be helpful if you ride on the same bus for easier grouping once you arrive on campus.

Format of Program
At each station the presentation will last 15-20 minutes. We will provide a guide to move along with you to each station. Please be sure to review our map before arriving, so you are familiar with the list of stations. As soon as a school arrives, a guide will be assigned and groups will begin moving through the station presentation beginning at 9:00 a.m. Some schools have to travel farther than others, but we will not hold up those who arrive at 9:00 a.m. to wait on others.

Please check the list of stations on this website as well as the map to see where you will be located. Please have your parents follow directly behind school buses so that parents will know where their child is. Due to the number of students on campus, it will be impossible for us to tell a parent where their child is located so please keep your group together.

What to Wear
This is an outside event. Temperatures may be cool, then change to hot. Please dress accordingly. There will be a lot of walking. Teachers and students should wear closed-toe shoes which will be comfortable. No flip flops, sandals or high heels should be worn. Please be sure that parents or chaperones are aware of this information.

Restroom Facilities
Restrooms are located in the NESPAL building.

Helpful Information
Agricultural and Environmental Awareness Day ends at Noon; therefore, all presentations will end at Noon. Picnic spaces are available on campus but we ask that you inform us ahead of time if you will be staying. We will not provide any assistance with picnic lunches. You will need to provide food and any other supplies needed. Trash cans will be available in the picnic area.

Teachers and students who will not be eating picnic lunches on campus will need to head toward their respective buses at Noon. Safety officers and staff will help direct buses out of the area safely.

An alternate location for a picnic spot is Fulwood Park. It is located 2.4 miles from our campus. Call 229-391-3944 to reserve tables.

Directions to Fulwood Park:
Travel east on Rainwater Road to Moore Highway.
Turn right onto Moore Hwy/Baldwin Drive.
Travel approximately 0.8 miles.
At the traffic light, turn left onto W. 8th Street.
Travel approximately 1 mile.
Turn left onto Tift Avenue.
Fulwood Park is on the right.


Contact one of our event coordinators:

Benjie Baldree

Katie Wilson - Email

Tiffany Wiggins - Email

Andy Carter - Email

2356 Rainwater Rd
Tifton, GA 31793