Tifton Personnel in the Department of Plant Pathology

Emran Ali Assistant Research Scientist (Principal Investigator of Plant Molecular Diagnostic Lab)
Sudeep Bag Assistant Professor- Crop Virology
Jessica L Bell Research Professional I
Jennilyn Bennett Laboratory Technician II
Timothy Branner Brenneman Professor, Peanut and Pecan Disease Management
Jason H. Brock Plant Disease Diagnostician - Row Crops and Commercial Vegetables
Ty Cook Lab/research Assistant
Renjie Cui Graduate Research Assistant
Albert K. Culbreath Professor, Foliar fungal diseases and Tomato spotted wilt of peanut
Bhabesh Dutta Assistant Professor and Extension Vegetable Disease Specialist
Jake C Fountain Postdoctoral Research Asso.
Eric R. Goodwin Farm Supervisor III
Abolfazl Hajihassani Assistant Professor of Nematology - Vegetable Research
Michael T. Heath Research Professional I
Kory Herrington Graduate Research Assistant
Patricia A. Hilton Agricultural Rsch Asst II
Hoang Hua Research Professional II
Pingsheng Ji Professor - Vegetable Diseases and Applied Microbiology
Brian Scott Jordan Graduate Research Assistant
Chang Liu Graduate Research Assistant
Aaron Moore Research Professional III
Jonathan E. Oliver Assistant Professor - Fruit Pathologist
Aparna Petkar Graduate Research Assistant
Michael Purvis Research Professional I
Katherine L. Stevenson Professor and REI Coordinator, Epidemiology and Fungicide Resistance
Spencer David Stumpf Graduate Research Assistant
Hui Wang Research Professional II